Reconciliation to affect Dec. 5 class schedule

Flex time once again eliminated for students, teachers

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Reconciliation to affect Dec. 5 class schedule

Megaphone Staff

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Due to reconciliation on Dec. 5, all classes will meet, with the schedule being adjusted accordingly. Once again, students and teachers will lose their flex time on this day.

Alpha: 7:50 to 8:40

Period A: 8:45 to 9:30

Period B: 9:35 to 10:20

Period C: 10:25 to 11:10

Period D/lunch: 11:15 to 12:40 (first lunch starts at 11:15, second lunch starts at 11:40, third lunch starts at 12:05)

Period E: 12:45 to 1:30

Period F: 1:35 to 2:20

Period G: 2:25 to 3:10

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