Choirs prepare for annual Christmas concert

Groups will perform Dec. 12 in the auditorium


Cathedran file photo

Last year the choirs performed in Rome.

Whitley Walton, Reporter

As the Christmas season begins, the multiple choirs plan to put on a performance on the big stage. Taking place in the auditorium on Dec. 12 the choirs’ Christmas concert will take a soulful approach to the holiday season.

Choir director Mrs. Marian Bender said, “It’s actually very exciting because we have a chamber orchestra that will be accompanying many of the pieces. For our chamber orchestra, we are featuring some of our Cathedral students who are in band.”

 Combined, the choirs will sing the opening and closing pieces and perform separately their own sets in-between. Irish Adrenaline Show Choir, Concert Choir, Gospel Choir and Irish Guys with Ties will all be a part of the performance. 

Junior Brooklynn Thorpe has been a member of the Irish Adrenaline Show Choir for two years now and has said that she has high expectations for the Christmas concert. Thorpe said, “It should be really fun. We’re showing off some of our new Christmas songs and sets and singing fun, uplifting songs.” Thorpe said she is looking forward to showing the audience a Christmas song and dance that she thinks will be “pretty cute.”

“It is going to be a magical experience for everyone,” Bender said. “It will put you in the Christmas spirit for sure.” 

While Show Choir will be focused on a “Soulful Christmas” theme, there is plenty in store to see regarding the other choirs. “You just never know, there’s a surprise around every corner,” Bender said. “It’s definitely not to be missed.” The concert starts at 7 p.m. and is free to attend.

Another festive event coming up is the choir’s annual fundraiser for Breakfast with Santa will take place on Dec. 14 from 9 to 11:30 a.m. in the cafeteria. Activities include enjoying breakfast with St. Nick, making cookies, participating in a painting class and hearing all of the choirs sing. Bender commented that it’s “just a really fun, festive experience.” Tickets can be bought online here at

While the Christmas concert is a fun event for the audience, Thorpe wants artists to get the same treatment as athletes. “Make sure we start showing the support we do to our sports teams that we do to our arts,” Thorpe said. “We put in just as much work, if not more, as sports teams. We go to competitions and we sing our hearts out for people, and yet our school doesn’t give us any recognition, so sometimes it feels like all our efforts are for nought.” 

Bender agreed that she would like to see a big turnout for the concert.  “The choir program is up and coming and doing some really cool things,” Bender said. “People should come out to support their friends. They won’t be disappointed and will leave in the Christmas spirit.”