We the People field trip provides real-life experience

Students present their research to judges


Ashelyn Lucas

We the People teacher Mr. Craig Blanchet works at his desk during E period on Dec. 5.

Ashelyn Lucas, Reporter

Dec. 4 the non-competitive We the People team made the trip Downtown to the law firm of Barnes and Thornburg. To judges, six teams presented papers on different units of government ranging from founding history to modern examples of American democracy.

We the People teacher Mr. Craig Blanchet, said, “The reason we do this is so students get an understanding of the founding of our country and there’s a heavy emphasis on U.S. Supreme Court cases.”

Blanchet said the students were nervous going into the competition because “they knew their papers were prepared, each team prepares three papers to present, but they don’t know which one they’re going to have to present which can be pretty anxiety inducing, but the real anxiety comes from not knowing what the judges are going to ask for follow up questions.”

As both their coach and a holder of a law school diploma, Blanchet said, “(I) remember what it’s like to sit in front of people who are judging their presentation, It’s very nerve wracking. I also learn from the students’ eyes (about) modern day citizen issues.”