Face Off: Worried about Friday the 13th

Face Off: Worried about Friday the 13th

Ashlynn Bakemeyer, Reporter

Friday the 13th is notorious for its superstitious activity every year, and for good reason. There is good reason not to be overly excited for what could happen on the Friday before finals week.

For decades, people have brought up Friday the 13th to be a day that terrible things happen. Throughout history there have been countless disasters all over planet Earth. From freak plane crashes in the Andes, a rapper’s murder, to stock market crashes, Friday the 13th never fails to bring something disastrously crazy into the world. 

All of the fear and anxiety leading up to the day add to the superstitious belief. The stories of the infamous day have been passed down through the years. Although I am not necessarily a superstitious person, when Friday the 13th comes around I can’t help myself from thinking something bad is going to happen. 

On Oct. 13, 1972, Uruguayan Flight 571 hit a mountain and crashed into the Andes. Only 16 of the 45 people on the plane survived. This wasn’t even the only plane crash on Oct. 13, 1972. Also on that Friday the 13th, Russian Aeroflot Flight 217 crashed and killed 174 people.

Another event on Friday the 13th was the murder of rapper Tupac. His murder remains classified as one of the most famous unsolved cases.

Yet another disaster on Friday the 13th was a mini-crash in the stock market on Oct. 13, 1989. Because the past events of Friday the 13th have been so constant in their tragic nature, I can’t see past the possibility that history could repeat itself. 

Hearing stories about the history of Friday the 13th makes it extremely hard to not be superstitious of the day. The coincidence that so many terrible things happen on Friday the 13th is too great to avoid superstitions.

While I’m not one of the people who lock themselves in their house from midnight until 11:59 p.m. on Friday the 13th, I am still superstitious of the day. Whether or not you have similar feelings about Friday the 13th, there is no way to avoid the fact that so many negative events have happened on that day.

From everything that has happened in the past and all of the build-up to the day, it is hard to not be worried about what could happen on Friday the 13th.