Face Off: Not worried about Friday the 13th

Face Off: Not worried about Friday the 13th

Emma Kress, Reporter

This Friday, Dec. 13 is Friday the 13th. There is a lot of superstition surrounding Friday the 13th, as it is generally considered unlucky. Historically, people have always been afraid of the number 13, and it has even been associated with the devil, along with the number 666. There are some buildings with no thirteenth floor and there was even a horror movie made about the day.

Although there are countless harrowing tales about Friday the 13th, these old beliefs have no backing in science. People who are superstitious of the day are often quick to recite bad events that have happened on different Friday the 13ths. However, there is no evidence linking the events to the day. Much of the misfortune that occurs on Friday the 13th is often due to people’s superstitious views of it, as their fear often opens up opportunities for unlucky events to occur. 

Superstitions are simply coping mechanisms and security blankets for those of us who are uncomfortable living with the unknown and inexplicable. Rather than relying on worldly  and often illogical explanations for the things I cannot understand, I attempt to understand nature through science and reason. In today’s modern and technologically advanced world, society should not have to turn to baseless beliefs such as superstition as a means of explaining the more difficult questions they face in life. 

Growing up, superstitions seemed to be everywhere. I always used to question why I was told to do these strange things to prevent bad luck, as they never made any sense to me. It bothered me even more that no one had a good explanation for them. Now, I know that is because there is no good explanation for them. Many superstitions just come from old traditions that have been passed down over time and become a part of culture. However, most superstitions are just unnecessary. Personally, I have never broken my mother’s back from stepping on a crack in the sidewalk.