Venue is set for April 25 prom

Crane Bay once again will host annual event


Cathedran file photo

Students danced the night away at last year’s prom.

Bella LoPresti , Reporter

This year, just like last year, prom will take place at Crane Bay, a venue in Indianapolis that hosts similar events such as weddings and parties.

As the Junior Class co-moderator, English teacher Mrs. Lisa Blamey has helped coordinate all the planning for prom for the past five years, so she brings experience to the prom planning process. 

Prom is set for April 25, but the theme has not yet been determined. Volunteers and the Junior Class officers, Kaylah Pitts, Maura Flood, Anne Marie King, Kieran McCauley, Ellie Thor, Nate Hillenburg, Elizabeth Wunder and Annabella McGinley-King, decorate as well as help choose the theme. 

Wunder said, “I’m glad to finally be helping with the prom and I’m happy to be serving with the rest of my classmates.”

Men have the option to ask women prom, but it is not required. It’s also optional to send in your prom proposal to the class officers. The class officers will vote whose proposal is the best; the winning couple will be awarded two prom tickets. 

Students will be asked to wear formal attire to this event. Senior Marcella Ventresca said, “I went last year and it was quite fun, but do not spend too much on a dress since you will only be wearing it for that night.”

The Junior Class co-moderator, English teacher Ms. Laurie O’Brien, is assisting with prom this year for the first time. O’Brien said, “Before I worked at Cathedral, I worked at (Bishop) Chatard and helped with prom each year.” She said she is excited to find out the theme and glad to be assisting.  O’Brien said, “Crane Bay is a very beautiful venue and I’m thrilled to help this year.”

Blamey said, “As of right now there are no theme ideas and we won’t start planning until after Christmas break.” She also said, “Second semester goes by very quickly and soon enough prom will already be here.”