Alumni teachers recall their senior yearbook quote

Graduates provide their perspective on this tradition


Cathedran file photo

Senior quotes first appeared in the Cathedran yearbook in 1990.

Madison Spiegel , Reporter

Cathedral is a family that started back in 1918. Since its opening, graduates become accomplished members of their community, including 24 alumni who are educators here. In 1990 the school started the tradition of senior quotes, and many of those 24 individuals provided such a quote for their senior yearbook. 

Mrs. Mary Hemer, school counselor and head women’s volleyball coach, graduated in 2009. When she interviewed at Cathedral she was going into her second year of a three-year graduate program. Hemer said she thought it would be a good interview experience.

Once she was given the opportunity to work here, she realized there is no other place she would want to be. Hemer said, “Cathedral has always been a special place for me, and the idea of coming back was really special.” Her senior quote was “anything worth getting is worth working for.” This has always been her motto since junior high when she saw it in an athlete interview in a magazine, and it has always stuck with her.

Hemer said she remembers feeling as if it was a really cheesy quote because many of her classmates’ quotes involved inside jokes. But she said, “I don’t think I would change it; it still applies and I’m still proud of it.”

Social studies teacher and head track and field coach Mr. John O’Hara graduated in 2002. He was involved in football and track and field. O’Hara said he started teaching because his father and several relatives were teachers and has had an overall positive experience teaching.

O’Hara’s senior quote was “Champions believe in themselves even if no one else does.” He chose his quote due to athletics at school because he said, “Everyone strived to be great.” He said he thinks that senior quotes are great and are “good things to put in the yearbook, kind of as a lasting legacy.”

Theology teacher Mrs. Cece Kasberg graduated in 1983. Senior quotes started in 1990, so because of this she did not have a senior quote. Instead of senior quotes her class had senior prophecies, which involves students voting on who is most likely to do or be what when they grow up. Kasberg’s prophecy was that she would become the editor of The New York Times because she was the editor of the newspaper, the Megaphone.

Seniors also had a list of everything students were involved in at school next to the student’s name and picture. She had a different opinion about senior quotes and said, “I don’t think they are such a good idea to have.” She said it’s because you never know if students put in an inside joke or if their quote is inappropriate. Either way she feels that students enjoy them she said. 

Latin teacher Mr. John Streiff graduated in 2009. His senior quote was “Fortune favors the bold.” If he had the chance he said he might change it. He started teaching at Cathedral because he grew up around the school. His father, Mr. Rick Streiff, is the former varsity football coach and current athletics director. He said, “Cathedral feels like home.” 

The current members of the Class of 2020 have submitted their quotes for this year and will get the chance to see what their classmates chose for their quote when the yearbook is distributed in August.