Editorial: Thank you, Mr. Worland


Jonas Hollis

Principal Mr. Dave Worland, in top left corner, participates in last spring’s National Honor induction. Worland is a constant presence at school events.

Megaphone Staff

After the recent announcement that former Principal Mr. Dave Worland would be stepping down from his position to become the new senior vice president for mission and advancement, the Megaphone would like to take a moment and formally thank him for all his hard work and dedication to the Cathedral community.

Having spent almost two decades as the school’s leader, we wish Worland the best as makes the transition to his new role in mission and advancement.

His guidance has been powerful and has allowed for many great things on campus.

In an earlier article, Worland had noted how he had hoped to properly integrate the AIT, or Academic Innovation Team, hoping they would become pertinent to the functionality of the school. We believe his goal was certainly met as the AIT has become impactful on the school community and has made significant positive changes. 

Worland also said he believed in letting the students’ voices be heard and continuing to increase the amount of involvement the team had in some decisions the administration has to make. He was always keen on student input, saying, “The more I can get our student body involved in their school, their input would be critical. I want to know what they think would make a better environment, both academically, spiritually and athletically. So I’m going to constantly be looking for ways our students can have input so that we can improve their school.”

While it might be a little personal for us to do so, we also thank Worland for his support of scholastic journalism at Cathedral High School. Because this is a private school, there are no First Amendment rights for student journalists. But Worland has trusted us to do our jobs and to print and post a wide range of stories, several on serious and controversial topics, and never has asked to review the paper or censor its content. For that, we are especially grateful. 

Although Worland will still be on campus, we will miss him as our principal, but we are hopeful and confident that he will continue to make positive change in his new position.

Thank you, Mr. Worland, for everything that you have done for the Cathedral community and will continue to do.