Fifty-nine Class of ’20 members prepare for retreat

Director of campus ministry advises all seniors to attend


Ashlynn Bakemeyer

Mrs. Charlene Witka works at her desk in the Shiel Student Life Center.

Ashlynn Bakemeyer, Reporter

On Jan. 21 through Jan. 24, 59 seniors will attend senior retreat at the Saint Joseph Retreat Center in Tipton.

Director of campus ministry Mrs. Charlene Witka said, “Senior retreat is different than any other retreat. Not only is it longer (than a one-day) underclass retreat, but it is a deeper experience and definitely a memorable experience, even after the seniors graduate.”

Numerous alumni are returning to help lead the retreat. Witka said, “I always get excited about the college students coming back.”

Since 1976, seniors have taken part in a retreat. Witka said, “I think all seniors should go. It is a wonderful experience.” Witka said as seniors begin finishing their final year of high school, senior retreat is important. She said, “It is a way for them to get to know themselves better, their classmates better and strengthen their relationship with God.”