Face Off: You should keep your New Year’s resolution

Ashlynn Bakemeyer

Ashlynn Bakemeyer

Ashlynn Bakemeyer, Reporter

A new year means a new resolution. On Jan. 1 New Year’s resolutions start off strong, but by the time February comes around, many people have dropped their resolutions already. 

Even though there are numerous people who tend to forget, ignore and disregard their resolutions, I think having one in mind is extremely important. If you are not working toward a goal each day of the 365 (or 366), then motivation and self-esteem disappear. 

New Year’s resolutions have many advantages. They help people of all ages learn how to work at a goal and gain ambition. For example, if someone’s goal is to go to the gym three times every week, then that person has to gain the self control and mindset to attain the goal. 

Goal setting is vital throughout a lifetime. Any occupation requires goal setting. But goals and resolutions have to be smart and realistic. For example, if someone sets a goal of eating healthier, that is nowhere near close enough to be a New Year’s resolution. To specify, the goal should be to only eat a certain amount of calories or carbs every day. 

That is one of the major reasons that people drop out with their resolutions is because they are not strong, smart or specific enough. 

Because people give up on their resolutions, many people think that resolutions are a waste of time and may not even make one.

But making an effort to come up with an effective and efficient resolution can showcase or form a person’s ambition, motivation and dedication. 

Resolutions can help someone break a bad habit and improve from the past year and into the next. 

Sometimes it seems like resolutions are an endless cycle of making and breaking promises over and over, but that does not necessarily have to be the case. Resolutions do not even have to be made every year. Making a new resolution every year is not required. 

However, resolutions do inspire good goal setting, dedication and consistency. They give you multiple traits that can be carried with you wherever you end up. Instead of giving up on your resolution, adjust it. Make your resolution more specific and attainable. Resolutions have countless advantages to help you throughout your entire life.