Library offers students chance to read for rewards

Event on May 5 will include recognition, free lunch


Jameson Browne

In the library during E period on Jan. 21, junior Nathan McCahill takes time out to read.

Jameson Browne, News Editor

For the fifth straight year, students are able to earn some recognition and a free lunch by reading five books by May 5.

Librarian/media specialist Mrs. Jenny Herron explained that the books aren’t forced upon students but they’re able to make their own decisions about what they read. “Students are able to pick whatever they like as long as it’s at their reading level and they haven’t read it before,” Herron said.

While it might seem easy to just say you’ve read the five books, Herron is confident that she can tell whether students actually read or not. “They sign a contract and when they finish a book and they discuss it with me, and it’s usually pretty plain if they haven’t read it,” said Herron.

Students might just be looking to eat for free but Herron said she really just wants to “promote reading in our community.” She explained that the main goal is to help students learn to read for fun. “We want to encourage and support students to read for pleasure. It is a developmental asset that we would like to build among the student population,” Herron said.

Herron encourages both staff and students to participate in this event because it can provide an opportunity to enjoy reading and spending time together eating as a reward.