Nurse provides perspective on coronavirus

Having staff sanitize desks, doors and bathrooms would help


Ashlynn Bakemeyer

School nurse Mrs. Courtney Jennings-Sood provided her perspective about the coronavirus.

Ashlynn Bakemeyer, Reporter

The widespread coronavirus has made its way to the United States, but there are ways to help keep from getting sick.

School nurse Mrs. Courtney Jennings-Sood said, “The coronavirus is a highly communicable international bacteria that is rampantly spreading from China.”

The symptoms of the coronavirus are extremely similar to any other flu-like characteristics. Jennings-Sood said some of the signs that a person has the coronavirus are “sinus and upper throat infection, stuffy nose, cough and sore throat.”

Just as the coronavirus has similar symptoms of the common flu, the ways to avoid contracting the coronavirus are synonymous. Jennings-Sood said, “Hand washing is the Number-1 way to minimize spreading infection.”

Jennings-Sood said, “The janitorial staff can help by sanitizing things such as desks, doors, floors and bathrooms.”

While the coronavirus can be intimidating, Jennings-Sood said, “Sanitizing your hands and any surface can help decrease your chances of getting the coronavirus.”