Holy Cross award: Mrs. Neale reflects on honor

Students select two teachers for recognition


Lauryn Woods

English teacher Mrs. Jennifer Neale reacts to being named one of two Holy Cross award winners at the Jan. 31 Winterfest assembly.

Nic Napier , Co-Editor-In-Chief

Embodying the spirit of the Holy Cross is a goal many try to achieve. It takes work, dedication and a loving and caring nature to uphold the values Holy Cross proposes.

Interim Vice Principal for Academics and Co-Director of Arts and Humanities Mr. Mark Matthews and English teacher Mrs. Jennifer Neale provide examples of teachers who demonstrate those values of the spirit of the Holy Cross and reflected on the awards they received at the Feb. 3 Winterfest assembly. Students voted through an email sent out to the entire school.

Neale, who teaches freshman and sophomore English, said she was honored to receive the award because those values are so vital to not only our school but our lives. “I value how Cathedral works hard to instill the Holy Cross values in the students and I think each value is so important, and I always so in my own personal life, if you want something to thrive, you have to feed it, water it and nurture it.

“So I feel that the pride that I have in the award and what it means is that the things I value in life I have nurtured and fed those (values),” Neale said.

Neale added that she was not aware that she had won the award until the moment her name was announced at Winterfest after Matthews’ name had been called. “I was totally shocked. I admire Mr. Matthews so much. I admire him as a teacher and the experience that he has and the knowledge he has, so when they started talking about a second person getting the award, just to get to be up there next to him was an honor,” she said.

Both Matthews and Neale make connection with the students while also serving as positive role models for them. It is easy to see that both teachers are very passionate about their jobs. 

Neale said, “What I love about teaching is the students, and I love to see my students succeed. That’s where I feel fulfilled.”