Senior ready to make her move to West Coast

Cridge looks forward to attending University of San Francisco


Cathedran file photo

Senior Gillian Cridge runs in the State cross-country meet last fall in Terre Haute.

Marcella Ventresca, Reporter

With graduation quickly creeping up on this year’s seniors, their college decisions are being made. Typically, a majority of students stay in state but there is still a significant group of students who will venture all across the country for their studies. Students range from different states between the West and East Coasts. 

One student who is choosing to travel far is student-athlete Gillian Cridge. Cridge plans on attending the University of San Francisco and will be a part of the university’s new triathlon team. She plans on her sport playing a major role in her time at college but clarifies that her studies are a priority.

A new city can cause excitement, but there can also be nerves that come along with it. Cridge said, “I am pretty nervous just about getting used to the atmosphere of being in a big city.” The Bay Area comprises 7 million people, which is a larger population than the whole state of Indiana. This can overwhelm some, but Cridge is confident in her decision and is eager to begin her journey.

College gives students a chance to become independent, and moving far away can prove difficult because home isn’t just an hour away, but instead is a plane ride. She knows that it will be tough moving away from her family but is excited to start a new cheater of her life. 

After college Cridge sees herself living in Europe. In fact, she enjoys traveling quiet a bit. Moving away she is exited to learn new things. Cridge said, “I am already a very independent person, but I think it will just teach me a lot of important life skills and people skills too.”

There are numerous things that Cridge is exited for as she moves to San Francisco. She loves her school, teammates and coaches. She already knows her fellow recruits and will look forward to training with the team as the year starts. She plans on moving in early August and will get organized for the new school year. What she is most excited for, she says is, “Probably just living on my own in San Francisco.”

For seniors still unsure of where they will attend, or juniors who are starting to think about college, Cridge offers some final words of advice. She urges people to listen to their instincts and not close any doors of possible places just because of where it is. From experience she wants people to trust their gut, saying, “Your college decision can surprise you, so just follow your heart.”