Civil Air Patrol provides military experience

Students will build rockets, learn Air Force customs


Toby Bradshaw

In the WAC lobby, student participate in a CAP drill.

Toby Bradshaw, Reporter

The school is home to a wide range of clubs and activities, but only recently did social studies teacher Mr. William Decker bring an opportunity for students to participate in the military through the Civil Air Patrol.

Decker said, “CAP is the civilian auxiliary of the Air Force. We’re preparing them to build rockets and learn about aerospace. We will learn basic Air Force drills and customs.”

Decker said, “(CAP) came through Colonel Jamie Griffith. She has children here and she was a CAP member herself.” Decker continues, “We didn’t become a full CAP charter until (the week of Feb. 3). This means that CAP is paying for all of the uniforms, training and materials.”

Decker said, “(CAP) was a good fit for our campus with the new STEM center coming in.”

Through CAP, Decker said, “(Students) can have spots reserved for them in the Air Force Academy and officer school. They can go all the way and get a private pilot’s license through CAP (that is) paid by CAP.”

This is what junior Rory Fitzgerald plans to do. Fitzgerald said, “My main reason is because I am thinking about doing ROTC in college.” Fitzgerald continues, “I also want to get more into aerospace engineering and that kind of stuff.”

Juniors Kieran McCauley and Andrew Marcou also are involved in CAP to get more experience with the military. McCauley said, “I did CAP for the experience in leadership and different types of engineering and rocketry. I am also considering joining the military.”

Marcou said, “My grandfather was in the Air Force and I think CAP would give me good exposure to how the military works.”

And, although they are still getting used to the uniforms, CAP provides these students with experiences with the military and engineering knowledge.

Students who are interested in getting involved should attend a meeting in Room 4103, according to Decker. Those meetings take place before school on late start days unless the entire faculty is required to attend a staff meeting, as is the case on Feb. 12.