Face Off: eLearning Days are a good idea

Junior Ethan Eckhart

Junior Ethan Eckhart

Ethan Eckhart, Reporter

There is a new and improved solution to snow days, eLearning Days, when students at elementary schools or high schools complete their work electronically when classes are canceled due to weather. School are slowly picking up the idea of having more such days.

eLearning Days are more beneficial than snow days because students do not not have to make up school days at the end of the year. There is nothing worse to a student and to a teacher when you have to go to school when you could be enjoying summer break with friends, but with eLearning Days it will still count as an actual school day. Snow days can also affect travel plans that families make during the summer. You have to change your plans because often you are taking finals during those days, and if you miss the final you get a 0 for the grade. 

Another reason eLerning Days are good is because it keeps your mind active. For example, if the snow day falls on a Monday and Tuesday, it is very easy to forget the information you learned from the previous week. However, with an eDay you do not fall behind. Ultimately, eDays will help you keep good grades as well.

The final reason eDays are good is because it keeps students off the dangerous roads. At Cathedral High School, students come from all over Central Indiana. There is no reason to send teenagers who only have a couple of months to three years of experience driving on the roads. They become a hazard to themselves and others on the roads. At this school, it is also dangerous because the school is located on a Hill, which makes it easy to slide back down.

In conclusion, eLearning Days are great because you still get to learn, and do not have to risk going to school.