Administration changes policy for resource sign outs

New procedure will go into effect on Feb. 25


Gracie Carr

Senior Anna Tobias signs in during her G period resource on Feb. 24.

Emma Kress, Reporter

A policy change regarding resource will go into effect on Feb. 25 and will require students to receive passes whenever leaving their resource area. 

Dr. Aarti Brooks, member of the Student Innovation Team and honors and AP Biology teacher, explained the change in an email to the school. She wrote, “Students will be required to obtain a written or email pass from the person they are going to see during resource. If you need to see a teacher during resource, prior to the day/period, ask your teacher for a pass. Please be sure to check into resource first, then this pass will be shown by you to your resource teacher in order to leave resource. Your resource teacher will not write you a pass.”

Brooks said the new change was due to a number of issues. The primary concern was safety and knowing where students were at all times. Brooks also said, “We have flex and we have resource, and we’ve gotten to the point where they seem interchangeable.” 

Brooks said that requiring a pass during resource ensures that students are more responsible with how they spend their resource time and allows their teacher to locate them more easily. 

The administration indicated that they change to resource will impact the majority of students here at Cathedral, but the underlying function of resource stays the same.

Editor’s note: Reporter Liam Eifert contributed to this article.