Spring musical will be a collaborative effort

“Hairspray” will open April 16 with community matinee

Jake Langdon


Gracie Carr

Work already is underway on this year’s spring musical, “Hairspray.”

Liam Eifert, Reporter

Since the end of the school play in November, many of the school’s veteran thespians have looked forward to the school musical. The show will be the first musical production of first-year teacher Mr. Tristan Zavaleta (usually referred to as Mr. Z). 

The production chosen this year is “Hairspray.” Zavelata said, “Hairspray, is a musical that takes place in the 1960s. It’s about a girl named Tracy Turnblad who just wants more than anything to dance on TV on ‘The Corny Collins Show.’ She eventually gets to dance on TV.” 

He went on to describe the main conflict in the story. He said, “Since this is the 1960s, TV has not been integrated yet, and she wants to dance with her friends who are African American and that becomes her new goal.” He said, “It’s a fun show about accepting everyone regardless of their differences.” 

In relation to the 2007 movie adaption of “Hairspray,” Zavaleta said, “A lot of the songs are different, not all of them, but some songs are in the movie that aren’t in the musical, and then there are some songs that are in the musical but not in the movie. But still a lot of great songs. All the main, big ones are there.” 

According to Zavaleta, he didn’t actually choose the musical, as “Hairspray” had already been selected last year before he was the theater director. He said, “I don’t think I would’ve chosen a show that’s so big to be my first show here, but it’s a very exciting, a very fun show.” 

Zavaleta said that he has able to count on the choreographer as well theater department chairman Mr. Michael Moffatt and choir director Ms. Marian Bender. Moffatt builds the set with the crew and Bender works on the singing portion with the performers. 

Zavaleta confessed that choosing actors for roles after auditions was “a very tough decision. It’s probably the most difficult decision in the whole process, and it’s my least favorite part of it, but once it’s over, we can get started.” 

Jack Lindner was chosen to play Corny Collins in the musical. Corny Collins is the host of the TV show, the dance show that Tracey Turnblad is so desperate to get on. 

As a veteran of CaTheatre shows, Lindner thought that what was different about “Hairspray” was “that it’s so widely well known. It’s such a great story, and the themes inside of it are themes that are so relevant in today’s time, with inclusion and making sure that nobody’s ever left out. It’s similar to a lot of our core values that we have here at Cathedral.” 

Lindner praised Mr. Z, as he calls him, saying, “He’s been able to adapt so well to Cathedral. He is so professional, he definitely knows what he’s doing, he’s a recent graduate so he’s got all the information fresh in his mind and he loves what he does, you can easily see it. He’s such a great figure to have here at Cathedral.” 

After a bit of deliberation, Lindner narrowed his favorite song to “You Can’t Stop the Beat.” Lindner said, “Everybody is all included there at the end. We have a bid dance number. Almost every single character gets their own solo. It’s a lot of fun. It’s a lot of different things all combined in one.” 

Linder said he gets his inspiration for his portrayal of the character both from the 2007 movie and listening to the original Broadway soundtrack. 

Opening night for the musical will be April 17, with another evening show on April 18, and then a matinee show on the April 19. The community matinee will take place during the school day on April 16. 

The tickets will go on sale soon. Mr. Z said, “Get your tickets fast, because they will sell out.”