School takes additional coronavirus precautions

Teachers stock up with hand sanitizer, clean their own rooms


Cathedran file photo

Teachers have been issued supplies they are using to clean their own rooms.

Andrew de las Alas, Reporter

In the wake of ever increasing cases of coronavirus in the United States and the spread of the virus to Indiana, the school is taking more precautions in the event of a mandated school closure.

Teachers have been issued hand sanitizer and additional cleaning supplies to ensure that areas stay clean. Posters have been hung to reinforce effective hand washing procedure around bathrooms, tables and desks and cleaned and teachers met during the late start on March 11 to discuss a more detailed contingency plan. 

Spanish teacher Mrs. Marybeth Morris said, “All of my material is online and I’m capable of posting things on Schoology. Fortunately for my upper classes, I have AP Central where I can post things.” 

Math teacher Mr. Mike Miller said, “All of the teachers are thinking about what eLearning days what be like. Videos are a possibility, there are places online. I’m trying to get a mental picture of what eLearning days would be like for multiple days. Usually we might be fine for one lesson or so, but having eLearning for 14 would require some additional planning.”

English teacher Mrs. Lisa Blamey said, “My lesson plans have been planned out until the April 3, which can help alleviate some stress. I also spray my desks down with Lysol every day.”