Athletes in zero period lift, earn academic credit

Bamrick, Johnson provide individualized instruction


Cathedran file photo

Mr. Cody Johnson provides instruction to the zero period APE class on March 12.

Nya Huff, Reporter

On the Hill every morning there are students who arrive every day before 6:50 am to lift weights. There are 26 students enrolled in zero period advanced physical education strength training. PE department chair Mrs. Linda Bamrick, along with strength and conditioning coach Mr. Cody Johnson, covers zero period APE and said the class is available for students who have two semesters of APE under their belt. 

Bamrick said this class was targeted for “students who are early risers, get adequate sleep nightly, and have a strong interest in pushing themselves to become more physically and mentally stronger,” especially since the class starts early in the morning.

Bamrick said that “a vast majority of students can do power cleans, clean/jerk, push press, both front and back squats, and bench press,” which makes the class an advanced class. Bamrick said that the class is a combination of independent and guided work. She said, “Coach Johnson has strategically designed a four-week template, which is followed and students are tested on their maximum strength levels at the end of each cycle.”

Those cycles vary person by person, catering to a student’s injuries, sports season and an individual’s maximum strength. Students get tested on both their strength and growth at the end of their cycle. 

Bamrick said she believes that the school exercises the option of a zero period because “there is a high interest and we pride ourselves on developing the whole person.” She said zero period allows a student to take a resource or enroll in an elective that they are interested in without lifting weights in the middle of the day. 

The flexibility in a student’s schedule is only one of the benefits of taking zero period APE. There are health benefits in taking the class, like getting your daily exercise in and growing as an athlete outside of your respective season. Other benefits are that there are fewer distractions, so you’ll be able to focus better and get better instruction if needed.