Drum major prepares for St. Patrick’s Day parade

Tice: More complicated than it looks


Cathedran file photo

The pep band performs in the Welch Activity Center.

Sally Bradshaw, Reporter

Note: As of March 12 at 10:20 a.m., the St. Patrick’s Day parade was still scheduled to take place.

Junior Gabriel Tice is one of the drum majors at this school, and as such will have the responsibility of leading the Pride of the Irish Marching Band in the St. Patrick’s Day parade on March 13 in Downtown Indianapolis.

Tice said, “So other than like actually conducting the band on the field or leading parades, I’m kind of (director) Mrs. (Kathy) McCullough’s right hand man, along with Chloe (xxxxx), and we run errands for her, help direct the kids, stuff like that.”

Other than helping to “corral the kids,” the drum majors lead the parade, conduct the band during the parade, and help the them turn. “The role is a lot more complicated than it looks,” Tice said.

Besides being one of the drum majors, Tice plays the alto saxophone in the band as well. He was a part of the Indiana All State Jazz Band.