Editorial: Closing campus was the right call

Megaphone Staff

Let the Megaphone staff be transparent in covering and explaining the events that have conspired over the last few days, both here on campus and across the globe.

The cancellation of school and classes absolutely sucks, but it was the right call. 

It is heart breaking that we have to shut down because Cathedral is home to all of our faculty, staff and students. Shutting down feels like throwing away this year completely, giving up and calling it quits, but thanks to our administration, this is certainly not the case.

Although eLearning is not nearly the same as sitting in class with other students while the teacher explains the lesson, it is the viable substitute that we have to turn to.

Make sure to keep up with your assignments that teachers are posting both on Schoology and updating you on Remind. It may be frustrating, but you must consistently check your email to ensure that you keep yourself up-to-date on what is happening in your classes.

Again, we know this situation is far from ideal, but we have to keep trudging on while the world and governments continue to figure out how to deal with COVID-19. 

The Megaphone staff, although sad that classes have been suspended, is proud of the administration for making the right call as we take a stand against this virus together. They had to make an extremely tough decision, a decision that they knew would make many unhappy, but a decision they knew in their heart was right to ensure the safety of everyone on campus.

The administration had to think not just about the students, staff and faculty on campus, but the families of those people as well and how a potential case of the coronavirus within our community could devastate us all. Younger students, if they were to get the virus, would most likely be able to bounce back quickly from the virus, but any family members who may be older or who have health complications are at a higher risk of dying due to the virus.

Just because you aren’t worried about the virus and its effects doesn’t mean you should dismiss it completely. We all can catch and pass on the virus at a higher rate than something like the flu, so we have to be extremely cautious.

Although some students may be happy that they don’t have to return to campus for a while, many are hurting as their extracurricular activities and spring sports are postponed. Everything from the spring musical, sports, clubs and on-campus activities have been shut down while the country deals with the coronavirus.

Some students could be seen crying as they left campus on March 12, tears streaming down their faces as they realized the impact of this virus on their lives on campus. 

Most students, regardless of their feelings, seemed stunned as they took a last look at campus and said goodbye to their teachers and friends they may not see again for at least a month. March 12 was a day of surprises, twists and turns that inevitably left many confused, scared and questioning.

Seniors, above all, are probably the most frightened by the cancellation of school. Their senior year, their last year of high school, is having its final months threatened by something completely out of their hands. Hopefully, this virus will soon fade into the background so events like prom and graduation can go on without delay.

There is no doubt that this is a time of fear and anxiety. It is pertinent that everyone remain calm and pay attention to the advice of medical experts and keeps themselves updated. Journalism is one of your best friends right now.

We certainly hope the coronavirus is contained as soon as possible, but while it remains a threat, people need to remember to wash their hands and be mindful of when they should and should not go out into public. 

To answer your questions, the Megaphone is going to update the website with new information as soon as possible and provide you with answers as our administration does so as well.