Fr. Godecker sends message to Cathedral family

Priest encourages family activities, Scripture readings


Lauryn Woods

Fr. Jeff Godecker greets children from Irish Blessings at a Mass at the beginning of the school year.

Megaphone Staff

Fr. Jeff Godecker, who celebrates most all-school Masses and several 7:15 morning Masses each week, has passed along a statement directed to the Cathedral family.

“So much disappointment for so many, along with frustration, worry and fear. God bless us all. What we also see is an opportunity for the following:

More time with family — get the children out of their rooms.
Less rushing around.
Have a discussion about what to do when you get bored.
Opportunities for conversations long postponed.
More reflective and prayer time — some quiet time, maybe have a period of time each day. Phones off.
Visits to local, county and state parks.
Teach the kids how to cook.
Get the garden prepared. Ask the kids to share the work.
Spring house cleaning. Everybody participates.
Pajama parties.
Get the board games back out.
Find positive uses for time out.
Give the kids a fun assignment on the internet. (What happened the year each was born? Find the birthdays of each American president and where was he born?)

If you choose to not go to Mass, find a reading (preferably Scripture) and ask everyone what it means to them. There are always the Sunday readings. But sometime next week I will post a list of appropriate readings for families at this time. Also ask everyone who or what they want to pray for. Elderly people might be at the top of the list.
God bless our families during this challenging time.”