School hires new cheerleading coach

Terron brings collegiate experience to her role


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Ms. Amber Therron bring five years of collegiate cheerleading to her role as the new cheer coach.

Nya Huff, Reporter

Ms. Amber Terron is the school’s new cheerleading coach.

Terron said that she has been involved in cheerleading for 19 years, including five years of collegiate cheering. The Universal Cheerleaders Association voted her Rookie of the Year in 2015 when she cheered at Marshall University and Veteran of the Year in 2017 at Morehead State University, from which she graduated that year.

Terron said that cheering after high school allowed her to “truly develop friendships that have stayed consistent throughout adulthood.” She said when she transferred to Morehead, the team had key roles as student ambassadors but they were grinding, getting ready for UCA Nationals. She said, “During the preparation for Nationals, we grew as a family and a team, which grew my heart for cheerleading as well.”

Terron said, “Being a college athlete was a dream come true.” But she noted that she had to work hard in high school to get there. She said that she prepared for tryouts by doing tumbling courses all while still keeping her grades up. She said she believes that “there was never an off season to rest, but always a season to be preparing for tryouts and the upcoming summer practices.”

Terron said that she has high hopes for the cheerleading team. She said, “Last year we worked on growing a lot of the spirit raising, skills and overall morale of the team and I plan on continuing where Coach Drago left off. We are excited to push the athletes out of their comfort zones and excel in the classroom, sidelines and competition.”

She also said that she and the cheerleaders would focus on school spirit, so be ready for even more enthusiasm at football and basketball games. She said that she is excited to see who will come to the cheerleading camps that are offered, especially because “every year, cheer camp is the kick off to how your season will start.”

She said she is also looking forward to Homecoming, what she called “a time to celebrate those before us and grow as a team.”

Terron said preparations for next year have begun, reviewing how tryouts will be set up and what the next steps after tryouts will be.

But now, she said she is trying to focus on how to honor the Class of 2020. She said, “They deserve their senior banquet and to be able to celebrate this chapter of their Cathedral cheer career before transitioning to the next chapter of their lives.”