Three seniors reflect on early end to year

All express sadness for loss of traditions, love for their school


Cathedran file photo

The EMBRACE Club was represented at last year’s activities fair.

Whitley Walton, Reporter

As the current school year, at least with students arriving on the Hill every morning, comes to an end, the Senior Class is dealing with a major change in how its members thought the last few weeks of their high school career would play out.

With all Indiana schools closed at least until next fall, seniors Danielle Levingston, Edwin Perez and Carmella Whipple talked about their thoughts on the situation, their best memories of senior year, and what the future holds for them.

What are your thoughts on senior year currently?

Levingston: “I’m bummed because there were a lot of things I was looking forward to that won’t happen. I had just joined the track team, I was excited for this whole season that now isn’t going to happen. I was excited to have a Senior Night and do all the stuff we’re told we can look forward to in the spring of our senior year. I already bought a prom dress, so (I’m) bummed there’s no prom. Senior year that was on campus, I had a lot of fun. I just wish it hadn’t ended so quickly.”

Perez: “I’m pretty bummed out. I never got to play during the (upcoming spring) volleyball season. We were just getting started as well, so the whole season is canceled, along with every other spring sport. And I never got to experience the senior retreat experience that a lot of seniors got the chance to.”

Whipple: “I’m really sad that it’s over; it’s a really abrupt end. I was taking a lot of fun classes and I was really bonding with my teachers. It was the first time I was just really having fun at school and not being completely bummed down by my stress all the time. I was taking ceramics, sign language, I have AP Lit with Dr. (Stephanie) Kucsera, which is like my favorite class ever, and I’m taking an acting class.”

What were you most looking forward to going into your senior year?

Perez: “Graduation all together, being able to be with my friends one last year, and spending all that time with them. Having that ceremony for graduation.”

Levingston: “Graduation. I was looking forward to the last day of school stuff: biking or canoeing to school, having everybody sign your pants, doing the Irish 500 and having our senior video, signing the wall. Just all the traditions that are specific to Cathedral for seniors. I was excited to have all that, and to graduate.”

Whipple: “All of the traditions and, of course, the spring musical was what I was looking forward to the most. I’ve done theater all four years at Cathedral and my first show was actually my freshman year rookie show. Cathedral theater really opened me up to what my favorite hobby ever (is); it’s something that I’m going to continue in college. If it weren’t for the theater program, I’d have no idea what I’m doing with my life. Other than that, getting my pants signed, painting the wall and riding my bike to school on the last day. I was really excited to wear college sweatshirts, too, but I was lucky enough to be able to do that.”

What is your favorite memory of senior year?

Perez: “Possibly Senior Night during wrestling season. There was a lot of support from friends and family, and I really enjoyed it.”

Levingston: “Winning the spirit stick. It was the week of Homecoming and it’s always really exciting. We did hallway decorations. It was so fun. The celebration afterwards was fun. We had been looking forward to it for four years.”

Whipple: “I loved toilet papering the Hill. I actually didn’t get to toilet paper it at night because I had a dress rehearsal for a show I was in over the summer, but I really loved being able to do it in the morning and throw toilet paper at the cars. Of course, all of the shows we have been able to do in theater so far with my friends, just having the time of our lives backstage, messing around.”

What are your personal achievements from senior year?

Perez: “I was looking forward to the high honors award for all four years for the Gala, but that got canceled. Also, being proud of being able to wrestle some varsity matches this year.”

Levingston: “The William Violet Leadership Award. I was in the fall play this year, and it was fun.”

Whipple: “Once the cast list came out (for the spring musical, “Hairspray,”) and I found out I was the lead, I absolutely had no idea. I was ecstatic and so excited for the performance. There’s something about being on stage that’s just so special, I can’t even put it into words. I was really excited to take my final bow on the Cathedral stage as a lead. Even if it had been any role, I was so excited to be able to participate in theater for my last year at Cathedral.”

What are you looking toward in the future?

Perez: “Hopefully, after the quarantine is over, being able to see some friends, go on a Hawaii trip that also got canceled for the (marching) band, and keep studying and working hard in college and after college, focusing on the majors I signed up for, engineering. I will be going to Purdue University.”

Levingston: “When the government lets me out, I’m just really excited see my friends again. Hopefully, move into college on time, start this new chapter, even though we haven’t really gotten a great ending to this chapter.”

Whipple: “I’m really hoping we’ll be able to do something for ‘Hairspray’ in the summer, but I just committed to Loyola Chicago. I’m so excited to be able to continue doing theater there, and I’m going to be double majoring with special education and theater, so I’m hoping, in the long run, to be able to create accessible theater spaces for people with all types of disabilities.”

Last remarks

Perez: “It’s something none of us would have expected to come this way and definitely not the ending a lot of us seniors would’ve wanted.”

Levingston: “I love Cathedral. I miss Cathedral. I hope everybody’s taking care of themselves, making safe and smart choices for themselves and their family. ‘Until we meet again, my friends,’ like the Irish blessing. Go Irish!”

Whipple: “I want to thank the staff for being so supportive with the seniors, just being there for everybody. A lot of teachers sent us individual emails and offered to lend an ear if we need to vent about it. (President) Dr. (Robert) Bridges has been deeply affected by this and to the seniors, and that means a lot because we don’t feel like it’s just being brushed aside. It’s so special to be a senior at Cathedral just because of all the traditions we get to do, and to know that the staff wants that for us just means a lot.”