AP director offers video conference sessions

Both students and parents provided access

AP director offers video conference sessions

Jackson Hern, Reporter

In light of the recent changes made to the AP exam testing format, AP Director Mrs. Kimberly Carver is offering online video chat sessions during flex at 10 a.m. on April 7 as well as an evening Zoom session at 6 p.m. on April 9.

The video conferences will be geared toward answering questions that students or parents may have concerning online AP testing. Carver hopes to assuage any fears or concerns during these unprecedented circumstances. “I can speak about the format of the tests, as they are significantly shorter,” she said. “For specifics on the content of each individual test, the students should talk to their teachers.”

There are many changes being made to the exams, all of which will be addressed. For example, this year’s AP exam format allows teachers to access their student’s test responses in real time; this will allow teachers to see how the responses translate to the scores that the students receive in July.

In spite of the challenges and questions that these changes present, Carver remains hopeful. “There are more opportunities for students to do well and receive awards and college credit,” she said. “There has never been the type of access to study materials as have been provided on Youtube and online by AP. I would say to the students that you’ve put in the work, so now show AP what the Irish do.”

Students or parents wishing to join the online meetings can access the links, meeting IDs and passwords provided in Carver’s email to the students.