Face Off: No need to rush on eLearning Days

Jake Langdon

Jake Langdon

Jake Langdon, Reporter/Videographer

On eLearning days the pace is set by the student. This allows certain freedoms without the mandate of the daily schedule. By limiting yourself to such a small window to get your homework finished, you could rush through your work. Pacing across a whole school day is the better approach. 

Some perks of spreading class work across the whole day include sleeping in, experiencing less stress and doing better work. Sleeping in is one of the luxuries most students would agree is a major upside of eLearning. If I were to try and crunch in all of my work by noon every day, I would not enjoy this luxury. 

By spreading the workload over the course of a day, your brain gets breaks in between assignments, but this does not mean work should be pushed off until the last minute. 

The key is to set out a schedule that utilizes the whole day to do schoolwork, as many teachers do not make all assignments due at 3:10. By setting a schedule that is ideal for a student personally, he can work efficiently while still having time to rest and entertain himself. 

Utilizing much of the day for school work relieves stress, as the student has more time to finish his work, resulting in better quality of work overall. Say there is a big assignment due at midnight. Instead of constantly worrying about it in front of a computer, doing it in bits and pieces can prove effective. Allowing the brain rest and time to think over the work can result in a great final product and hopefully a better grade.

The freedom of having the whole day to work allows students to enjoy meals with their family, go for a walk (as long as they practice social distancing), or work out in a timeframe that typically would not mesh with a school day on the Hill.

I believe students should take advantage of their extra time but not abuse it. Students can still get their work done while being able to enjoy their mornings and daily activities. Through motivation and proper pacing, eLearning can be made manageable for all.