Face Off: Finish your eLearning work before noon

Ashlynn Bakemeyer

Ashlynn Bakemeyer

Ashlynn Bakemeyer, Reporter

Being in a home versus a school can cause a person’s typical work ethic to decline. Procrastination is evident even more during the new environment that is eLearning.

That being said, it is important for students to complete all work that is possible before noon. Doing this negates lazy working habits and enforces an efficient and effective process and rhythm.

Another reason to finish eLearning before noon is to provide more free time after the established school hours. Although it can be easy for students to wake up and immediately scroll through their phones, it makes it easier on the students and the teachers if that is put off until classes have finished. Instead of wasting the school hours, students should use the given time to complete work so that the hours after 3 p.m. are not stress induced.

Following a proficient routine during the chaotic times caused by COVID-19 allows for mental stability. Instead of stressing over finishing work on time an hour (or sometimes less) before it is due, students should get the work over with as soon as possible.

Although it is important to complete eLearning work quickly, mental breaks are also a necessity. Pushing through the work and online classes can exhaust students mentally. Taking a brain break is essential to finishing eLearning work before noon or as soon as possible.

Finishing work after noon can add another stress level to the already anxiety-filled times. If a student waits to procrastinate until later hours, the work is not done as well as if the work had been finished earlier in the day. Although some students say they perform better under pressure, there is already enough stress on every student with the new form of online classes and eLearning assignments.

Teachers also benefit when students finish their work before noon. Teachers are able to get grades in quicker when all assignments are turned in instead of waiting later for work to be turned in.

While it can be easy to get lost in Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or Snapchat throughout the day, it is important to finish work as early and quickly as possible to avoid conflict with mental strain, lazy habits and sloppy work. Establishing a routine can help students attempt to complete eLearning work before noon.