Athletics suffer no major revenue hit this spring

No ticket sales, but reduced maintenance costs


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Brunette Park would have served as the venue for Irish baseball games this spring if not for the campus being shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ethan Eckhart, Reporter

While spring sports are not being played, this has not had a significant impact on the athletics department’s finances.

Athletics Director Mr. Rick Streiff said that he and the coaches are much more concerned on the effect of the athletes, especially the seniors, for them not getting a chance to compete and develop their skills in their sport, as opposed to the department’s budget.

While the athletics department did lose money from the lack of ticket sales at spring games and meets – not a significant source of income each year – it also saved funds not paying game officials and umpires and maintaining facilities at the same level that would have been required if games had been played.

In an email, Streiff wrote, “We still are maintaining fields, but not as high cost as we would have for day-to-day play. The spring is not a big revenue season anyway, so we were not hurt too badly.”