Editorial: We survived, and thrived, this year


Cathedran file photo

Our campus was closed, but our hearts and minds were open.

Megaphone Staff

This year has been anything but conventional. The reality we are now living in is unorthodox, to say the least.

Who could have imagined that right now the world would be on lockdown, battling an enemy that we can’t even see? Who could have predicted the impact it would have on each and every family in our community, the memories it took away and the manner in which it entirely altered the mode in which we learn and communicate with one another on a daily basis?

Seeing the sight of many students’ faces after the March announcement that school would be postponed until after spring break was a heartbreaking scene. Tears fell from the eyes of those students who realized, in an unprecedented way, that their school year had come to an early close.

We thought we would make it back, have the chance to make return to campus before the year’s close, but no one could have expected this virus to drag on this far into 2020. Our world really has been turned upside down.

To finish this year, ending our last classes with Zoom calls certainly does not feel right. For many of us, especially seniors, there has been no real sense of closure. Members of the Class of 2020 missed out on some of the experiences that make senior year so special and so valuable.

If nothing else, quarantine has taught us a very important lesson that we can hopefully carry with us into the future.

We learned the value of human connection, the value of being able to learn in the classroom. Zoom calls and Google Meets, although all we have, are just not the same. We were meant to learn together, to raise our hands in the classroom to ask questions, to look at other students with confused faces when the lecture didn’t really seem to make any sense. We were not meant to stare at a screen all day.

We yearn to be back on campus spending time with friends, talking with our teachers and enjoying the nice spring days where we can eat lunch outside.”

We miss our family. We yearn to be back on campus spending time with friends, talking with our teachers and enjoying the nice spring days where we can eat lunch outside.

This is not the way it was supposed to be, but we made the absolute best we could out of what we were given. Students and teachers had to adapt. We essentially had to learn how to learn online. And we note the support of the school’s outstanding tech team and dedicated administrators who helped make this happen. 

The Megaphone is proud of everyone for all of their hard work and dedication to making the best they could out of this year. It took a team effort, and Cathedral, we came through. Although we can’t be together to celebrate, there is so much to be proud of. 

To the seniors, we are especially proud of your efforts this year and for taking the hits, because there were plenty as this semester came to a close. All of you have exciting futures ahead of you and a great education that will follow you for the rest of your years. Remember to stay in touch. Your teachers and underclassmen will miss you.

We want to thank everyone who read the newspaper this year, sent us feedback and gave up their time to participate in interviews. You are the ones who drive our content and help us to build this paper. Without the people, without the wonderful and amazing things that happen on and off campus, there would not be issues every month to publish and updates to our website and Twitter account to make every day.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It was a successful year, and our Irish family made it happen.