Fall sports status yet to be determined

Tentative date to get back up and running is Aug. 3


Caroline Steiger

The status of fall sports has yet to be determined.

Luke Hern , Reporter

While the novel coronavirus has cancelled or delayed the graduations, celebrations and fun that comes with the end of the second semester, there is hope that it will not prevent the school, including its athletic teams, from picking back up in August. However, at this time, decisions regarding the next school year have not been made.

Athletics Director Mr. Mr. Rick Streiff provided his perspective, noting that his coaches hope to get back up and running with practices on Aug. 3, but that day is tentative. Streiff noted that the campus is closed until June 30, and that includes access to the gym and weight room.

What will happen in July? “We don’t know,” Streiff said, “as it will depend on how the virus reacts as the state opens up more activities.”

With no June conditioning, the typical moratorium week in July, during which there could be no contact between coaches and players and no practices, training or workouts, has been lifted. Rising senior Mick DeWeese, an expected leader on the men’s soccer team this fall, gave some insight on the effects the virus might have on the season. “I expect to have a lot of fun, and lead the team to another Sectional title,” he said, adding that he believes sports will begin in early July and not be pushed further back.

With many incoming freshmen participating in numerous sports, coaches and upperclass leaders face the challenges a delay could have on getting freshmen up to the conditioning and training standards that comes with playing at a high school level. David Guhl, an incoming senior and key player for the football team, said, “Coaches and upperclassmen are making sure that everyone is pulling their weight and challenging everyone to get some exercise and do whatever they can to better themselves.”

Guhl also added that their team will participate in many Zoom meetings to ensure players are on the same page and are learning what they need to.

Football Head Coach Mr. Bill Peebles ’88 did not return a reporter’s email seeking comment.

Mrs. Mary Hemer ’09, the women’s head volleyball coach, commented on how the pandemic might affect their season. “I think year and year out we have the potential to be a perennial powerhouse. The biggest focus is that we are able to compete in the fall,” she said. “If we don’t get to be in the gym this summer, let’s make sure it’s because we are going to be in the gym in the fall.”

Hemer highlighted the importance of everyone maintaining “discipline now in order to enjoy the season later.”