New teacher feature: Meet Mr. Karczewski


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Mr. Frank Karczewski

Megaphone Staff

Mr. Frank Karczewski, English and sociology teacher, assistant football coach

BA, Indiana University South Bend; MEd, University of Notre Dame

 Why did you choose to apply to Cathedral: Growing up in Northern Indiana, I knew of Cathedral’s strong reputation, but not much about the school itself. While working with the football program last year, I realized that Cathedral High School shares many of the same values that are important to me. I am impressed with the commitment of both students and faculty to not only celebrate Cathedral’s accomplishments, but to continually make Cathedral better,

Describe your professional experience prior to Cathedral: I spent two years teaching in Anaheim, California, teaching while earning my MEd. Last year I taught at St. Louis De Montfort in Fishers and assisted Cathedral’s football team.

This year’s Cathedral theme is Excellence. How will you carry out this goal in your classroom? I will contribute to Cathedral’s theme of excellence by being prepared to be flexible to accommodate the varied learning needs of students impacted by Covid-19

What are your professional and personal goals at Cathedral this year? To continue to be an enthusiastic, positive role model while navigating the differences between teaching middle school and high school. To develop lasting relationships with students and staff. To contribute to Cathedral’s growth while also celebrating the proud history of this school. To challenge students to take the information from my classroom and apply it to their own life experience. To learn from students’ experiences and apply that to how I teach in the future.

What is an interesting fact about you that students would be surprised to know? I have triplet sisters just 15 months younger than me.