New teacher feature: Meet Mrs. Haselby


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Science teacher Mrs. Filomena Hasebly

Megaphone Staff

Mrs. Filomena Haselby ’92, science teacher

BA, Marian College; MS, IUPUI

Why did you choose to apply to Cathedral? My son, Sam, graduated from Cathedral and my husband, Brian, is the director of technology. I love Cathedral’s values and family atmosphere.

Describe your professional experience prior to Cathedral: I’ve spent most of my professional career in medicine. I went back to school in 2012 to become a teacher because I felt the call to serve my community in a more personal way.  I have taught biology and middle school science at Cardinal Ritter, Immaculate Heart of Mary and New Augusta Public Academy.

This year’s Cathedral theme is Excellence. How will you carry out this goal in your classroom? I hope to inspire lifelong learning and the desire for scientific discovery in my biology and environmental science students. I believe that excellence in teaching drives students to always want to learn more and be informed.

What are your professional and personal goals at Cathedral this year? My professional goals are to inspire my students to ask questions, keep up with the changing technology demands and collaborate with my peers to make sure students are receiving what they need to learn and grow. My personal goals are to develop positive relationships with Cathedral students, become involved with the Cathedral community and serve where I am qualified and needed.

What is an interesting fact about you that students would be surprised to know? I have been in about 50 plays. I love theater. I am also a national award winning muzzle loading champion.