New teacher feature: Meet Ms. Myers


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Ms. Jenny Myers

Megaphone Staff

Ms. Jenny Myers, school counselor

BA, Indiana University; MS, Indiana University

Why did you choose to apply to Cathedral? My son, Jack, is a 2017 Irish graduate, so I have been blessed with personal experiences in the challenging, supportive, faithful and communal environment offered by Cathedral. The timing was perfect that Cathedral had an opening for a school counselor as I was completing my master’s program.

Describe your professional experience prior to Cathedral: The greatest portion of my adult life has been as a stay-at-home mom, volunteer and community servant. I have also worked in service- and administrative-based roles for non-profit education associations and a dental specialist practice.

This year’s Cathedral theme is Excellence. How will you carry out this goal? “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, in not an act, but a habit.” – Will Durant

As a school counselor, my excellence lies in service to students, families and fellow educators, engaging and empowering students to explore, evaluate, develop, maintain and share their own habits of excellence. Accessibility and an open-door policy facilitate this relationship rooted in advocacy and accountability.

What are your professional and personal goals at Cathedral this year? I am a lifelong learner, eager to blend experience with continuing education in order to be the best school counselor I can be at all times. I aim to know my students and families, provide a welcoming, supportive and safe environment and share a consistent voice of positivity in times that are uncertain and stressful. I also strive to build collaborative relationships with educators and others who provide corresponding service to our students. Learning and applying the practical components of being a counselor at Cathedral is my most pressing goal as I begin this new position.

 What is an interesting fact about you that students would be surprised to know? I can be a pretty intense and competitive fantasy football owner.