Face Off: Adjust your schedule for back to school


Emma Kress

Emma Kress, Reporter

As the new school year has begun and summer comes to an end, students have to begin adjusting to a different lifestyle.

During the summer, students are free from the many responsibilities of school and are able to spend their time however they wish, including being able to go to bed and wake up whenever they want to. However, they will now have to wake up early on weekday mornings, a change that is difficult to make in just one day. So that students can get used to waking up in time to go to school, they should start waking up earlier the week before. By doing this, it allows them to get into the routine of starting their day earlier than they are used to, helping them when school starts because they will be used to early mornings. 

Getting into a habit of waking up early and not sleeping in the week before school will help prevent tardiness in the first few days of school. So that students can help themselves wake up early, it is better for them to go to bed earlier than they are used to, allowing them to get enough sleep at night. 

Sleep schedules for high schoolers can often become unhealthy for them, especially when they go to bed late at night and have to wake up early the next morning. To make sure that they do not get into that bad habit during the school year, it is best to start going to bed earlier than they would in the summer before the start of school. Doing so will help students be much more mentally prepared for school, as a good night of sleep is incredibly important for success in academics.

If students are not well rested at school, they will be unable to focus in their classes and often in a bad mood overall. To ensure that the new school year starts off in the best way for everyone, it is best to start going to bed early the week before.