Favorite Christmas Movie: “Elf”


Evan Schoettle, Photographer

When it comes to christmas movies, you’ve got no shortage of fantastic and entertaining choices. However, when it comes down to it, one of, if not the best if any Christmas movie ever made has to be Elf.

What’s not to love about it? Will Ferrell, who granted, has had his fair share of both good and bad movies, delivers a fantastic performance as Buddy the elf, a human who was raised by elves. He is sent out to the human as has to adapt to the world away from the north pole.

How can you forget such classic parts, like when he begins picking gum off the hand railing, thinking it’s free candy? Or when Buddy goes nuts decorating the department store, only to be met with the terrible reality of mall Santas? Or, of course, the four elf food groups: candy, candy cane, and syrup.

It’s a classic movie, filled the laughs, emotional moments, and a good message about being true to who you are. Buddy’s journey, his trials, and his happy ending, along with the ever important message of Christmas spirit lend itself to the overall quality to the movie.

Now I will concede, it’s not perfect. It does have it’s fair share of overly campy moments, a few unnecessary bits here and there, but it’s still a wonderful movie that embodies the spirit of Christmas and what the holiday stands for, not material things, but for family and what really matters.

It’s one of the top choices for a classic movie to watch around Christmas time, giving everything a person could want in a seasonal movie. I’d strongly recommend picking this one up and giving it a watch, it’s well worth the time.