Senior Madi Keller named this year’s leprechaun

She will be the school’s first female leprechaun


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Senior Madi Keller will serve as this school year’s leprechaun.

Megaphone Staff

Via a video announcement during A period on Aug. 21, senior Madi Keller was announced as this year’s leprechaun. She will be the first female leprechaun in the school’s history.

Keller answered questions that were emailed to her.

When did you find out you were going to be the leprechaun? I just found out that I was going to be the leprechaun on (Aug. 19).

How did you find out you were going to be the leprechaun? Coach (Adam) Barth and Mr. (Ed) Freije pulled me out of class and asked if I was interested in representing Cathedral as the school’s mascot this year and I couldn’t turn it down.

How did you react? I was so excited, my heart was racing and I was smiling all day.

How and when did you express your interest in being the leprechaun? Jokingly, I bought a leprechaun costume and decided I was going to the “unofficial-official leprechaun.” Then the school sent out an email with applications to be the future leprechaun and I had to share my love for the school.

What do you anticipate as the first female leprechaun? From the student body so far, there have been a lot of mixed emotions, but I’m just excited to make 2020 crazier and change up the tradition.

What advice, if any, have you received from previous leprechauns? The best advice I’ve received was from Michael McNulty telling me to go big and ignore the haters.

Why did you decide to apply for the position? Like I mentioned previously, 2020 has been an insane year so why not top it off and add a lady leprechaun in the mix?