Student Council candidates campaign through Sept. 1

Jamell: Think about who will represent your class well


Cathedran file photo

Members of the Student Council gather on the court at last year’s welcome assembly.

Zoey Johnston, Reporter

The Student Council is in the process of selecting new members for this year.

 Since there were no Council elections in the spring, no one had the chance to campaign. Up until Aug. 26, sophomores and juniors had the option to fill out a survey to apply to run a campaign. Student Council faculty co-moderator Mrs. Kim Jamell said that about 10 students will be added to the Council.

 Until the pandemic is over, the Student Council meetings will take place over Zoom calls. Most of the events and activities the Council is in charge may not be able to happen in their traditional format. For example, having the Irish 500 would involve too many people clustering together and wouldn’t be possible with the current Covid-19 restrictions. Instead, they’ll try to have some kinds of spirited events and will keep students socially distanced, Jamell said.

For now, students running to become a part of the Council will be campaigning until Sept. 1. Then, a ballot will be sent out by email, and students will vote for candidates in their grade level.

 Jamell said that the Council members should be full of creativity and spirit. When students are filling out their ballots, she said, “They should really think about it. Think about who would represent your class well, and who has a lot of spirit and would make it fun.”