Community service requirement will not change

Fox says students will have options to complete their hours


Cathedran file photo

Students line up after working at a Habitat for Humanity facility during last year’s spring break.

Emma Kress and Zoey Johnston, Reporters

In keeping with the school’s mission in the midst of Covid-19 precautions, the required service hours will remain the same for each grade, with freshmen doing 15, sophomores 20 and juniors and seniors earning 25, but with some changes. 

Christian Service Administrator Mrs. Shannon Fox ‘80 said, “The change is that instead of just focusing on one agency, we’re going to give everyone a little bit of latitude, and they can volunteer at multiple different agencies, including their parishes.” This includes serving as a eucharistic minister, server, hospitality minister, lector, or fulfilling any other role volunteering at a parish, such as staying after Mass to help clean. 

When it comes to Covid-19 restrictions that students will face when trying to complete their service, Fox said, “Every agency is going to be a little bit different. The ones that are in the greatest need are the food pantries. I know all the (agencies) that are using volunteers are being really safe with their guidelines.”

Fox said some agencies will let potential volunteers  know if it’s something remote or something that can be done in person.  

Typically during fall and spring breaks, students can go on mission trips to fulfill their service hours for the entire school year. However, this year at this point, there will be no mission trips. If possible, there may be one in the spring, but that’s to be announced.

Callout sheets will be sent to students through email that will give them some organizations at which to sign up. Some places may want students to help out in person, while others may want students to help virtually. It’s all up to the organization’s needs and precautions, Fox said. 

Also, on the school’s website, if you go through the student portal, and click on “Christian Service,” you should find a link to a list of approved organizations. If you’re still confused, Fox said you should, “just be patient and don’t panic about not knowing what to do. If students are unsure, they can come and ask me for help,” she said. 

Once you’ve completed your hours, you can submit them through the MobileServe app. This is the only place to submit your hours, and you must have them in by the due date. In the past, students must’ve had them done by April, but this year, you have until May 1.